I do parties, restaurants, streets, and stage.

 More too come.

I Busk on the streets for a living. For those who don't know the meaning:

busking  present participle of busk (Verb)

Play music (Any Kind of Entertainment) or otherwise perform for voluntary donations in the street or in subways, or where ever Life Brings too the entertainer.


I agree Busking Bizz calls you out in Life.

If you are ment too work in the field.

I enjoy making others smile, laugh, and tips with the use of my Art and Magic.

The shows out side of busking is $150.00 for an hour

includes Balloon animales a gift and Magic

Gas or Bus or train  is Extra or depends on travel 

Busking $1-$5 a Balloon Farmers Market Corvallis Oregon

If you see me busking doing my show on the streets please tip me for it is my living.

I don't drive due too health reasons, so I got to know in ahead of time  for travel arrangements  to do a show for You.

Thank you for your Time and kindness. 

I look forward of meeting You.

How You can get a hold of me.

Phone 541 220 5479 

E-mail GraPhicDMagic@gmail.com